Xuefeng Chen: "Poupée volante", detail, mixed media, 2010, courtesy of the artist

Artist in Focus
Xuefeng Chen crosses to the other side of the mirror to discover what today still creates the source of humanity...read more

Hu Renyi: "Game" (detail), oil on linen, 2010,courtesy of the artist

" Suzhou is a place where you can see the earth and the heaven when you walk in its gardens. My paintings are influenced by the gardens and the architecture of the place. I mix human figures with my own dreams of the gardens", says Hu Renyi...read more

Scab, a project/installation by Mouhitori in Geneva, 2013

A scab is a protection. When it falls off, it is forgotten along with the event that provoked the scar that remains...Its destruction covers the elimination of a memory, and gives way to another memory. Tumblr...click here to connect